Categories of electrical current engines

When we talk of electric motor is known that there are several types, such as DC motor and AC motor, the latter in turn has many other divisions all of them world-standard, among the most common divisions are:

The multi-speed motor, ie, the motor may rotate at two different speeds depending on the power.

The double-axis motor, consisting of an engine having an output for each side.

Every electric motor has nameplates, and these boards can find various information about the engine, the components and all the validity and authenticity of motor information.

One of the existing information in this card is the IP – protection index.

This IP comes with a range of IP 00 to IP 68, this is the motor protection degree of identification with the water, the first of which indicates the level of protection against possible foreign bodies and the second number against water, this much attention when buying an electric motor.

Engines with RollerTable system and Water System

Many types of engines are available in the market, what sets them apart are the models, types of power supply, what risks each of them will have been in contact with the water and further, each electric motor, has your number record like a car that has its chassis. The electric motor can not be sold without proper registration and also have all the specifications noted in it.


Motor rollertable2 with inscription IR55 baldor ebm3554t


This type of motor is presented with high strength and robustness to extreme operating conditions, it has radial fins to prevent the accumulation of waste in housing, and also count on the advanced sealing system, and a protection against corrosion and mechanical rigidity.


Water IR2


The engines are cooled to water and were developed to meet the growing market demand for compact and quieter engines and at the same time has a power relationship as defined by the engine outer shell size.

Pimenta, alimentos integrais e reeducação alimentar– emagrece

É isso mesmo pimenta, alimento integral e alegria são ótimas dicas para emagrecer rápido

  • Acredite na pimenta – a pimenta vermelhaé capaz de acelerar o metabolismo, acrescente duas colheres de chá de pimenta, nas suas principais refeições, você vai notar logo nos primeiros dias que já vai começar a fazer diferença no seu organismo


  • .Alimento integral – use esse grande avanço da indústria alimentícia a seu favor, troque o máximo que você puder, isso porque as fibras ajudam o seu intestino a funcionar bem, e as fibras dão a sensação de saciedade. emagrecer rapido e saudavel


  • Reeducação alimentar – regime não, dieta não, opa calma, não é pra sair por ai comendo tudo, essas são frases que ajudam a não ficar triste na hora que estiver querendo emagrecer, ao invés de regime ou dieta, troque sua nova fase por reeducação alimentar. Ate porque quem faz regime, se limita a comer certos alimentos por um tempo, depois volta a engordar, e quem se reeduca , esta aprendendo a comer saudável e leva a pratica a diante.

Stepper motor, what they are and how it works.

Today we all have some kind of equipment at home that needs energy to function, and for this to be possible and they function properly they need a motor, and among the existing have the electric motor step, many computerized devices, such as drives, CDROM, use special motors that control the swing angles of their rotors. This type of step baldor products motor operates rather than rotating continuously, these rotors rotate in discrete steps, so as engines that do so are called turn stepper motors, where the rotor of a stepper motor is simply a magnet permanent that is drawn in a sequence continues or alternating the various stationary electromagnets poles.

These electromagnets are turned on or off by following impulses carefully controlled so that the rotor magnetic poles of an electromagnet to move to another provided it is properly enabled, this engine is widely used because it has low maintenance cost and can be used in industry large scale.

Types of motor protectors, power, temperature etc

Among the components of an electric motor can highlight any of them that you need to check before you fix an engine

Motor protectors:

  1. thermal protector
  2. bi-metallic
  3. protective thermostat
  4. phenolic thermal
  5. internal and external motor protection

Motor power

  1. rated power
  2. equivalent power small charge
  3. power of inertia and the service factor
  4. net engine power and the various conditions of use and conservation

Characteristic environment:

  1. aggressive environment
  2. environment containing dust or fibers baldor cdp3440
  3. environment with high risk of explosion
  4. temperature and altitude of the engine when in operation
  5. ambient atmosphere
  6. degree of protection – if the engine is exposed to the weather
  7. altitude value
  8. temperature that the engine had been in the environment and for how long will be this exposure

Motor identification code:

  1. equipment area of ​​risk
  2. increased safety equipment and identify each item
  3. explosion-proof equipment, see also the engine is compatible with the heat that will generate