Stepper motor, what they are and how it works.

Today we all have some kind of equipment at home that needs energy to function, and for this to be possible and they function properly they need a motor, and among the existing have the electric motor step, many computerized devices, such as drives, CDROM, use special motors that control the swing angles of their rotors. This type of step baldor products motor operates rather than rotating continuously, these rotors rotate in discrete steps, so as engines that do so are called turn stepper motors, where the rotor of a stepper motor is simply a magnet permanent that is drawn in a sequence continues or alternating the various stationary electromagnets poles.

These electromagnets are turned on or off by following impulses carefully controlled so that the rotor magnetic poles of an electromagnet to move to another provided it is properly enabled, this engine is widely used because it has low maintenance cost and can be used in industry large scale.

Types of motor protectors, power, temperature etc

Among the components of an electric motor can highlight any of them that you need to check before you fix an engine

Motor protectors:

  1. thermal protector
  2. bi-metallic
  3. protective thermostat
  4. phenolic thermal
  5. internal and external motor protection

Motor power

  1. rated power
  2. equivalent power small charge
  3. power of inertia and the service factor
  4. net engine power and the various conditions of use and conservation

Characteristic environment:

  1. aggressive environment
  2. environment containing dust or fibers baldor cdp3440
  3. environment with high risk of explosion
  4. temperature and altitude of the engine when in operation
  5. ambient atmosphere
  6. degree of protection – if the engine is exposed to the weather
  7. altitude value
  8. temperature that the engine had been in the environment and for how long will be this exposure

Motor identification code:

  1. equipment area of ​​risk
  2. increased safety equipment and identify each item
  3. explosion-proof equipment, see also the engine is compatible with the heat that will generate