Best paint for painting wooden, iron or steel doors and windows and primer paint

Concord paiting house
What is the best paint for painting wooden, iron or steel doors and windows?
Oil and enamel-based paints are the most suitable in this case. Enamel is not soluble in water
and is especially suitable for painting iron and wood surfaces, such as iron windows, handrails,
metal structures and wooden doors, especially in outdoor areas, as it is a waterproof product.
This type of paint is very resistant to the action of rain and sun and is found in three types of
finishes: matte, satin and glossy.
Varnish is also suitable for painting wooden surfaces. It forms a kind of protective film that
protects wooden surfaces from water absorption. It is found in matte, satin and glossy form. In
addition, there are also pigmented varnishes, which imitate the color of the wood, allowing
you to dye or restore its original color.
Primer (ink)
A primer is a paint that allows the topcoat to adhere better than when it was the only one
used. To this end, the primer is designed to adhere to surfaces and form a bonding layer that is
better suited to receive paint. As the primer does not have to be a high-life finish paint, they
can be developed in such a way as to maximize filling properties, adhesion and anti-corrosive
protection (in the case of metals) with the substrate. This can be achieved through chemistry
or by controlling the physical properties of the primer such as porosity and hygroscopicity.

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