Do not take photos from the internet or take amateur photos.

There are specific professionals for this type of service, who know how to
enhance the brightness, texture and colors of food. That’s right: food
Just be careful that the dishes served are as beautiful as those in the
photos. There are countless cases of customers who leave the restaurant
dissatisfied because of the expectations caused by misleading photos. If your
establishment has dishes that are only served during the day and others that
are only served at night, don’t fall for the silly idea of making a unique
Have you ever imagined how frustrating it is for the customer to order a
dish and hear from the waiter that it is not served at that time?
So, have at least two menu templates. If you want your customers to know
everything that is offered on other shifts, you can make a menu only. However,
leave in writing the time when meals are served. Make the menu available on
your restaurant’s website, so that many of your customers already know what to

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