Maintaining the hygiene of your restaurant, especially the kitchen, utensils and bathrooms is of utmost importance.

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Therefore, we have separated some tips for cleaning and sanitizing
your restaurant. Alcohol: after using the tables, pass alcohol to ensure
the hygiene of the same. Disinfectants: use disinfectants suitable for use
in bathrooms and the kitchen. And don’t forget to clean the kitchen before
closing the restaurant, and also the other day before opening. Bacteria
circulate in the air and we don’t want any customers with food poisoning
due to lack of care. Wash food thoroughly: fruits and vegetables should
be washed one by one under running water. Heavy cleaning: for floors
and bathrooms clean whenever possible, preferably more than once a
day. When you want to increase your restaurant’s sales , make
promotions or always offer promotional dishes. This is one of the
best tips for restaurants .
So, this makes your customer consume more, and that if a friend is
short of money, he will still be able to consume something.
This is usually a big difference when choosing a restaurant when a
group of friends decides to dine out.

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